Let's Talk About Anxiety ♡

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    I want to share with you my experience with Social Anxiety and Depression.

    I know that a lot of people out there live with anxiety, and I wish that more people would speak out about it.

    It's a topic that shouldn't be hidden.

    You shouldn't be ashamed of it, scared of it, embarrassed or sad about it.

    I was, last year.

    I thought I was the only one who was going through this craziness.

    A life of constant fear and worry.

    Panic attacks that came out of no where, for no reason, and dragged me down.

    Many people who don't have anxiety find it very hard to understand, because they can't physically see it.

    They don't know the intense jumble of negativity that's going on inside your head.

    It's an evil mind game, one that you have to fight through daily because it doesn't want you to succeed.

    Although on the outside it may just look like shyness, weakness or general worrisome, it's so much more than that.

    What's even harder is trying to describe what's going in your head to someone who thinks it's just an excuse, just a phase, just a way of getting out of things.

    I want more people to talk about anxiety.

    Share experiences, share situations you go through and thoughts that appear from nothing.

    The more people talk about it, the more people will learn to live with it.

    Knowing that its okay and that you can find the strength to push through it by bouncing off the people around you who live with it as well.

    I am blogging about anxiety on http://www.flipandstyle.com

    x Vanessa


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